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The restaurant industry is changing this fast.

Restaurants, wineries, and pop-ups are using Tock to sell unforgettable culinary experiences, reduce no-shows, and make more money.

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Say hello to the future

This isn't 1998. Tock is easy to use, but powerfully different. Tock was built to help you run a better business and solve problems no other system can.

  • Sell more

    Eliminate the craziness and offer reservations, tasting menus, events, and private dining all in one place.

  • Reduce no-shows

    Instantly reduce no-show rates from the insane to practically nothing – Tock's average no-show rate is less than 1%.

  • Shift demand

    Take advantage of easy-to-use tools and incentivize your guests to book those hard to fill shoulder times and weekdays.

  • Save money

    Tock’s flat monthly fee gives you access to all of Tock with no upcharges, no hidden fees, no contracts, and no hardware requirement.

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Restaurants, bars, and wineries across the globe use Tock to manage reservations and offer guests something more than just an open table.

Trois Mec Los Angeles, USA
71 Above Los Angeles, USA
Maude Beverly Hills, USA
Spago Beverly Hills, USA
Clouds Los Angeles
Atelier Crenn San Francisco, USA
Lazy Bear San Francisco, USA
Clouds San Francisco
Farm Spirit Portland, USA
Tarsan i Jane Seattle, USA
Clouds Portland and Seattle
Otoko Austin, USA
Clouds Austin
Alinea Chicago, USA
Spiaggia Chicago, USA
Milk Room Chicago, USA
Smyth + The Loyalist Chicago, USA
Clouds Chicago
Eleven Madison Park New York, USA
Death & Company New York, USA
Aska New York, USA
Clouds New York
Fat Duck London, England
The Clove Club London, England
The Man Behind the Curtain London, England
Clouds London
Heron & Gray Dublin, Ireland
Clouds Dublin
OKRA Hong Kong, China
Clouds Hong Kong
Noma Australia Sydney, Australia
Lûmé Melbourne, Australia
Clouds Australia

How Tock works

Tock is a complete reservation platform with everything you need to run your business and give guests an incredible experience from start to finish.

Powerful reservations

Ordinary and deposit reservations

Offer free, ordinary reservations alongside deposit reservations – an easy but powerful way to combat no-shows. To date, Tock has booked over 1 million guests and boasts a no-show average of less than 1%.

Prepaid reservations

Collect payment in advance for prix-fixe menus and events – tightening operations, eliminating waste, and putting your cash to work earlier. Removing the guess work allows you to focus on your guests, providing better hospitality every time.

Unique experiences

Tock empowers you to highlight and offer what makes you special – kitchen tables, prix fixe dinners with beverage pairings, wine and beer tastings, and holidays like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. Unleash your creativity.

Advanced hospitality tools

Table management, CRM, and reporting

Our Tock Dashboard is complete with all the tools and features you need including table management, guest profiles, and financial reporting – all beautifully designed and reimagined, integrated across all of your restaurants, and accessible from anywhere, using any browser or device.

Total control and configuration

Use the Tock dashboard to build seating templates, set prices, and manage all of your reservations - editable anywhere, anytime. Invite an unlimited number of users across an unlimited number of devices so you and your team can run your business the way you want. All included.

Guest focused booking

No downloads ever

Tock is device agnostic, allowing your guests to book anytime and from any browser or device. Direct patrons to your Tock restaurant profile or the Tock widget, easily added to your own website.


A reservation goes far beyond selecting a date and time. Automate custom messaging, offer supplements or beverage pairings, and capture information like dietary restrictions and special accommodations prior to their visit.